Shanghai Fashion Week kicks off.
by Modem – Posted March 23 2024
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This autumn-winter 24-25 collection is named "Chain New Generation". A idea is aimed at using fashion week as a hub to connect the different participating entities to create deep integration, helping brands identify their ecological niches.

Shanghai Fashion Week 2024 will focus on the topics such as "new Chinese style, new environmental protection, new sports", shape new business formats, create new scenarios, help the market continue to recover, and promote the formation of a future industrial development model focused on innovation.

The first brand destined to take the spotlight on opening day of Fashion Week: Le Fame, will interpret the “modern Shanghai trilogy” with its unique retro-romantic feelings and create a grand revival of the new Shanghai Chinese style with the feminine style of modern Shanghai.

The iconic Labelhood Pioneer Fashion Art Festival returns to the Bund Source, staying true to the essence of fashion and holding fast to authenticity. Following the theme "Back to the Truth", the festival collaborates with 16 young designers to unveil their latest autumn-winter 2024 collection. Highlighted brands showcasing their work include Assignments, Markgong, Yirantian, Oude Waag, Xander Zhou, Ao Yes , Wmwm and Shushu/Tong. Young Talents including Weiræn, Aubruino, Tension Archive and Raydots will make their debut at Shanghai Fashion Week.

To ensure a wide reach of the shows, Shanghai Fashion Week, in partnership with Douyin for the past three years, has initiated pioneering efforts like digital fashion shows and big joint live broadcast rooms. Shanghai Fashion Week's media coverage promises a multifaceted and comprehensive report of the event, encapsulating the pageantry of the runway and behind-the-scenes stories. The upcoming Shanghai Fashion Week serves as a testament to the city's vibrant fashion scene, seamlessly marrying tradition with innovation, and encapsulating the spirit of sustainable fashion while expanding its reach through interactive showcases and digital platforms.

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