iRL opens the iRL showroom
by Modem – Posted June 05 2024
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iRL announced the opening of the iRL showroom, which will be dedicated only to buyers and specialized media, featuring a selection of five brands presenting their SS25 collections. The iRL's philosophy is not to reinvent the wheel but to reposition and rethink what roles and added value the selected brands can bring today to the retail landscape and how the format can bring a new positive message to the store's audience as well as enjoy quick strike business, what allows quick cashflow operation with retailers.

According to iRL, there are several advantages to presenting direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands from social networks to retailers. First of all Proven Market Demand: DTC brands already have a proven market demand with established customer bases, ensuring that retailers can tap into an existing and engaged audience. Secondly Strong Brand Identity: these brands often have a strong and distinct brand identity crafted through social media, which can attract customers looking for unique and relatable products. Thirdly, Data-Driven Insights: DTC brands leverage social media analytics to understand consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, providing valuable data that can help retailers optimize their inventory and marketing strategies.
Fourthly, Enhanced Customer Engagement: Social media presence allows for continuous customer engagement and feedback, leading to improved product offerings and customer satisfaction, which benefits retailers. In fifth place, there are Innovative Marketing Strategies: DTC brands are often at the forefront of innovative marketing techniques, such as influencer partnerships and viral campaigns, which can boost retailer visibility and sales. Followed by Rapid Adaptation: these brands are typically agile and can quickly adapt to market trends and consumer preferences, ensuring that retailers always have the latest and most relevant products on their shelves; Increased Foot Traffic: by carrying popular DTC brands, retailers can attract the brand's loyal social media followers to their stores, increasing foot traffic and potential sales; Exclusive Collaborations: retailers can collaborate with DTC brands for exclusive products or limited editions, creating consumer excitement and urgency; and Cross-Promotion Opportunities: partnering with DTC brands opens up opportunities for cross-promotion on social media, expanding reach and driving online and offline traffic.

Additional benefits include Enhanced Customer Experience: DTC brands’ direct interactions with their customers on social media can translate into a more personalized and engaging shopping experience in retail stores. Community Building: retailers can benefit from the sense of community and loyalty DTC brands foster through their social media presence, which can translate into a stronger customer base. Trendsetting Products: DTC brands often pioneer new trends and innovations, allowing retailers to offer cutting-edge products that attract trend-conscious consumers. Finally, by integrating DTC brands from social networks, retailers can enhance their product offerings, leverage established consumer relationships, and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

iRL showroom
June 20 – 23, 2024
Electric, 128 Rue La Fayette
75010 Paris

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