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Ennio Capasa

October 12 2010

Ennio Capasa, founder and creative director for Costume National, is the president of the jury for the PV AWARDS 2010. He shares with us his impressions about this new edition of Première Vision.

How did you react to this invitation?

Ennio Capasa: I was immediately very happy to participate as the president of the PV Awards 2010. This fair is a worldwide meeting where you can see all the novelties in terms of fabrics and textile. It has been an incredible experience!

Première Vision emphasizes the place of fabrics in fashion. What do you think of that?

E.C: I think fabrics are of major importance in fashion today. They make the difference in today products. In some way the products are very similar, a jacket always remains a jacket, but between those two jackets, the material makes a huge difference.

As president of the jury, what was important to emphasize?

E.C:I followed the idea – widely shared in the jury – of the innovation, but an innovation that comes along with its roots, its memory of the past. The idea was to favour traditional materials and at the same time the attempts to bring some innovation to it. The jury agreed on this idea, so it became our kind of guideline to make our choice…

Tradition and innovation?

E.C: Yes, because tradition means quality, timeless materials, but innovation, it’s the possibility not to repeat again and again the same things and stimulate the market with new propositions.
In order to get out of the crisis, which was pretty serious and fortunately comes slowly to an end, the innovative approach is very important, but quality shouldn’t be left behind because today people look for valuable things.

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