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BELGIUM / Hornu: Matt Mullican's first retrospective at MAC's

until Sunday May 31 2020

T : +32 (0) 65/65.21.21
Site du Grand-Hornu Rue Sainte-Louise 82
B-7301 Hornu

From 6th of February to 31st of May, the MAC’s will be presenting the first retrospective in Belgium of the Californian artist Matt Mullican.

Since the early 1970s, Matt Mullican has sought to structure the world and to understand it using various supports (stone slabs, flags and banners, stained-glass windows or computer assisted compositions, etc.) to establish a truly personal cosmology. This mental map, which he named the five worlds, refers to the various levels of perception with which he associates colours (yellow for art, red for ideas, etc.). In this way the artist will invade the space of the MAC’s to plunge the visitor into the heart of his original universe and confront us with the numerous aspects which characterise human life.