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BELGIUM / Gent: S.M.A.K. 'Oliver Laric | Timelapse'

until Sunday May 30 2021

T : +32 (0)9 240 76 01
9000 Gent

Oliver Laric | Timelapse

Oliver Laric exhibits a new video work and an ensemble of sculptures.

Oliver Laric approaches form as a process of continuous change and variable content. His new video ‘Untitled’ (2021) visualises typically imperceptible transformations of organic matter and living organisms using digitally sculpted frames to show the growth, decay and disintegration over time. It emphasises that organic matter is in a state of constant flux, even if subtle changes are invisible to us in short-term. The use of time-lapse, common in nature documentaries, engenders the video with a staccato rhythm that is echoed in Ville Haimala’s original soundscape.

In two adjoining galleries, Laric exhibits two versions of each of the three sculptures that depict both human-animal and inter-animal relationships. Based on 3D scans made from artworks found in museum collections around Europe, Laric’s thin-shelled, 3D-printed multi-part sculptures are assembled using various combinations of contemporary materials. They highlight the power of dynamics of each of the sculpted couples’ relationships, their perceived dependence, balance of power, and affection.

3D models of the sculptures can be freely downloaded from and executed according to one's own wishes.