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SWITZERLAND / Lausanne: Nez à Nez. Contemporary Perfumers

until Sunday June 16 2019

T : +41 21 315 25 30
Pl. Cathedrale 6
CH - 1005 Lausanne

The exhibition will present the world of thirteen perfumers. Perfumers’ careers reflect the diversity of contemporary perfumery as men, women, newer and established perfumers, owners of their own label or brand associates, but also in-house composition perfumers, work for the perfumery domain. A close dialogue between curators and perfumers will help select the elements to represent each of the exhibition’s creators in the best way. The perfumers’ point of view, approach and references will be communicated to the public via interviews, while close work with the team of the review NEZ will guarantee in-depth knowledge of the field of perfumery.