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UNITED KINGDOM / London: Andy Warhol at Tate Modern

until Sunday September 06 2020

Tate Modern
T : +44 (0)207 7887 8888
Bankside London
SE1 9TG London
United Kingdom

The artist who embraced consumerism, celebrity and counter culture changing modern art for good, will be exhibited in this major retrospective at Tate Modern from the 12th of March to the 6th of Septembre 2020.

Visitors will be able to see Andy Warhol's iconic pop images of Marilyn Monroe, Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup Cans, play with his floating Silver Clouds and experience the psychedelic multimedia environment of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. The exhibition will bring together rarely seen work from the 1970s that display his skill as a painter, as well as his experiments with different forms of mass media.

Fig. 1 Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych, 1962