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Alberto Boatto. ''Lo sguardo dal di fuori''

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curated by Stefano Chiodi

For the first time, MAXXI is dedicating a focus to the archive of a critic, one of the most original and influential figures of the second half of the twentieth century in Italy, a direct witness to the radical transformations in his contemporary artistic practices.
The project presents a significant selection from Boatto's personal archive, generously donated by the family to MAXXI in 2019, consisting of correspondence, manuscripts, and his numerous publications. It contains all aspects of his intellectual work, exchanges with friends, artists, critics, and writers, notebooks, the first drafts of his books, and some unpublished texts of great interest. The sum of a life of thought and writing that now offers itself to the attention of the public and to the research of scholars.

Boatto's was a "look from the outside", the gaze of the castaway and the space explorer at the same time, that is, of one who observes the world from an external, solitary, remote point, and captures a new and surprising physiognomy.

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