ITALY / Rome / MAXXI: Aldo Rossi L’architetto e le città
by Modem
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until Sunday October 17 2021

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Aldo Rossi. L’architetto e le città
gallery 2
curated by Alberto Ferlenga

A retrospective that analyzes the extraordinary theoretical and practical contribution of an "anomalous architect". On-show materials from archives and collections from all over the world.

The cultural project, architectural projects, installations, and domestic projects are the three main threads of a complex and multifaceted history in which many aspects emerge: training, teaching, and research, building an international network, drawing as an independent investigation, criticism, and legacy. On display materials from, as well as from the MAXXI Architettura archive, from archives and collections from all over the world: the famous drawings, projects, writings and a spectacular sequence of models, a sort of imaginary city, a tangle of ideas, images, places, identity, and memory.

header: project model for a new administrative building for UBS, Lugano, 1990. Paper, cardboard, wood.

© Modem