BELGIUM / Grand-Hornu / CID : Kaspar Hamacher
by Modem
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until Sunday September 26 2021

CID: Center for Innovation and Design at Grand-Hornu
T : +32 (0)65 65 21 21
Rue Sainte-Louise, 82
7301 Hornu

Mother Earth. The Man of Wood

A unique design talent from southern Belgium, Kaspar Hamacher (1981), Eupen (BE) focuses unwaveringly on physically working and crafting word, rather than conceptual design. As he says himself, he regards himself more as a craftsman than a designer.

Burned, split, hollowed out, struck, or sculpted, wood reacts to different processes depending on the circumstances. Hamacher’s working methods produce unique, personal pieces. Design but with a deeper meaning: with a soul. Beyond the object itself and the hands-on relationship with the wood, there is a kind of spirituality in Hamacher’s work.

The CID is hosting the first museum exhibition dedicated exclusively to him. One large installation will fill the Magasin aux Foins with the emotions that we feel in the great outdoors when we are at one with the forest: a tribute to Mother Earth. One room will present different pieces that demonstrate his methods, his research, and his evolution.

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