CHINA / TANK Shanghai : “Aesthetics” Qiao Zhibing Collection
by Modem
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until Monday October 11 2021

TANK Shanghai
TANK No. 3
T : +86 (21) 69500005
2380 Longteng Avenue

Qiao Zhibing, contemporary art collector and founder of TANK Shanghai, will select works by twelve domestic and international contemporary artists from his private collection, to share his attitude and experience on collecting contemporary art from the perspective of his personal experience. The exhibition will reflect how art can establish a subtle bridge between the times and regions by influencing individuals, thereby leading the audience to observe and appreciate contemporary art in a more equitable and freely manner.

As a prominent contemporary art collector in China, Qiao Zhibing uses “Aesthetics”, “Affection” and “Inspiration” to generalize his long term collection. In his view, collecting is about personal intuition that does not require complicated trade-offs. The key is to sense on the intuitive feelings that artworks bring to one’s mind. In the future, he is planning to express his understanding about collecting through planned exhibitions. This time, as the first launched of his collection exhibition series, “Aesthetics” will explore the inspiration artworks bring to the public from a visual perspective.

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