ITALY / Torino / ARTiglieria: Peter Lindbergh
by Modem
© Modem

until Friday August 13 2021

ARTiglieria – Con/temporary Art Center
T : +39 345 31 83 971
Via Verdi, 5

Untold Stories is the very first survey exhibition curated by Peter Lindbergh himself, with a long immersion in his archives through forty years of professional and private life.

The exhibition is conceived in three chapters, including two large-scale installations bookend the presentation. Manifest, the monumental opening installation provides an immersive and thought-provoking introduction to Lindbergh’s understanding of fashion photography.

In the central section of the exhibition, Lindbergh arranged the works he personally considered key to his oeuvre. He experimented with his own material and revealed new stories while staying true to his language. Both, emblematic and never before exhibited works are shown in pairs or groups.

The exhibition closes with the film installation Testament (2014), which shows the silent exchange between Lindbergh’s camera and Elmer Carroll, the Florida death row inmate. Shown for the first time, the installation opens a discussion about subjects that were of central importance to Peter Lindbergh: introspection, empathy and freedom.

The exhibition celebrates the legacy of Peter Lindbergh, who passed away in September 2019.


© Modem