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CANADA / Toronto: Age of You

until Sunday January 05 2020
Fashion Design Art

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
T : + 1 416. 395 0067
952 Queen Street West
M6J 1G8 Toronto

Age of You is a timely exhibition about how the self has become more extreme, and what it means to be an individual today. It is curated by Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist, with graphic design by Daly & Lyon and over 70 visual contributors from the worlds of art, design, filmmaking, photography, performance and electronic music. Age of You has been commissioned and produced by MOCA Toronto. Visitors to Age of You will walk through 13 immersive chapters that chart how individuality is changing today, from the psychological (such as beauty, belief and empathy) to the social (work, wealth and democracy). In this graphic print space, wry words and slogans by Basar/Coupland/Obrist are juxtaposed with wildly eclectic portraits from the contributors.
Interspersed with the book chapters are major works in film, photography, fashion, sculpture and installation. Each articulates a salient aspect of The Extreme Self. New commissions from Satoshi Fujiwara, Stéphanie Saadé and Yuri Pattison, deal with the paradoxical physicality of data, as found in crowds, screens and emoji. Films by Trevor Paglen and NVIDIA Research, and sculptures by Agnieszka Kurant, are informed by Artificial Intelligence and machine vision. Sophia Al-Maria, Farah Al Qasimi, Toronto-born Victoria Sin and Vancouver-born Sara Cwynar all explore transformed perceptions and performances of the self. Craig Green‘s collection for Moncler fuses menswear, machine and habitat. And Toronto-based Dennis Kavelman visualizes visitor’s remaining mortality.

Age of You
From September 5, 2019 till January 5, 2020