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CHINA / Beijing :Li Hui:V

until Sunday July 10 2011

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art
T : +86 10 8459 9269
798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu
100015 Beijing

“V is a collision of energies, a paradox of symmetry and asymmetry, a brief glimpse into an unfathomable, inexpressible, terrifying post-human future".- Jérôme Sans, UCCA Director

Young Chinese multimedia artist Li Hui employs a vast array of media, materials and techniques to create futuristic installations and "light sculptures" that transcend the boundaries of language, logic and linear time. More an archeologist of the future than a spiritual shaman, Li Hui allows us to viscerally experience the realities of this world while anxiously contemplating the mysteries of the next.