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CHINA / Beijing: "Curated by Gu Wenda" Su Zhiguang

until Sunday July 10 2011

T : +86 10 8459 9269
798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu
100015 Beijing

For the latest exhibition in UCCA's long-running "Curated by..." series, artist Gu Wenda introduces the work of Su Zhiguang, an emerging talent on the Chinese art scene.

For Su Zhiguang, dust is both medium and metaphor, a substance symbolic of the fluidity and chaos of China's modern cities. Like an urban anthropologist, he collects and archives the detritus of our floating lives, painstakingly cataloguing the samples for posterity. That this posterity is so tenuous, and his creations so ephemeral, only heightens the sense of beauty and pathos. Dust Manual , an elegant volume of 46 "sketches" rendered in dust, was modeled after Mustard Seed Garden , an early Qing Dynasty manual of painting. But unlike the original, which remains in print to this day, Su Zhiguang's creation is a fragile codex, a text whose wisdom seems destined to fade away.
- Jérôme Sans, UCCA Director