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ITALY / Rome: 1900-1959: i luoghi dell’ arte “contemporanea” a Roma

until Sunday October 30 2011

T : +39 06 6710 70400
Via Nizza, angolo Via Cagliari
00198 Rome

The exhibition is a chronological sequence of rare catalogues, brochures, invitations, and flyers.

They reconstruct "a world": one in which, by going to exhibitions, galleries, cafés, libraries, and restaurants you could meet the entire literary and artistic world of those years. The exhibition is divided into two sections: 1900-1959: from the Palazzo delle Esposizioni to the Obelisk and 1950-1959: the original year.

An exhibition that highlights the vitality of "contemporary" art in the capital from 1900 to 1959 using he extraordinary documentary material MACRO’s Centre for Research and Documentation of Visual Arts, on display in the library.