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until Sunday April 22 2018

piazza Castello 5

A series of lectures about new technologies and computational design will be running during the event at the Nagami Space (Spaziotheca, Piazza Castello 5). These will run daily, and will include architects, product designers, artist, engineers and other professionals whose work is exploring computational design.

Lecture series schedule:

April 18th – 6:00pm
Patrik Schumacher – [Zaha Hadid Architects – Principal]

April 19th – 5:30pm
Ross Lovegrove – [Ross Lovegrove Studio – Founder]

Daily Lectures:

April 17th – 5:30pm
Gilles Retsin – [Gilles Retsin Architecture + UCL Design Computation Lab]

April 17th – 6:00pm
Claudia Pasquero – [EcoLogicStudio + UCL Urban Morphogenesis Lab]

April 19th – 12:30pm
Aleksandrina Rizova -[ Aleksa Studio]

April 20th – 12:30pm
Stefan Bassing – [Studio Ross Lovegrove]

April 20th – 5:30pm
Daniel Widrig – [Daniel Widrig Studio]

April 21st – 12:30pm
Isaie Bloch – [Eragatory + UCL Bartlett]

April 21st – 5:30pm
Arturo Tedeschi – [A>T Architecture and Computational Design]

April 22nd – 5:30pm
Sebastian Andia – [Zaha Hadid Architects – Lead Designer]

Events will include roundtables and discussions.