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until Sunday April 22 2018

from 11am to 9pm ​
Palazzo Litta Magenta 24

Japan Creative is a nonprofit organization that aims to make known to the world the new value of Japanese craftsmanship.

These manufacturers each hold unique technologies, original ideas or work with materials rooted in tradition or locality. By reviewing from a multiple perspective the technologies and materials that are important assets for the future, we aim to rediscover and create new values in tune with the modern day lifestyle. With: JC20 Kyukyodo (incense/Kyoto) with GamFratesi (Denmark), JC21 TAKEYARI (canvas/Okayama) with Faye Toogood (UK) and JC22 SUWADA (blacksmith/Niigata).

Press preview: 16 April from 3pm to 7pm
5VIE late night: 18 April from 6pm to 11pm