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until Sunday April 22 2018

17/21 April 2018 from 10am to 8pm / 18 April from 10am until midnight / 22 April from 10am to 6pm
via Ventura 3

Conceived as a space off the Triennale di Millanowithin the exhibition organized by Stefano Mirti entitled "999 questions on contemporary living" in progress from 12 January to 6 April 2018.

If the twentieth century celebrated in-dividualism, the 21st century will be the century of co-dividualism, or the rediscovery of community ties, spaces for being together, places to weave new possibilities to meet.

The interest is born to try out a new housing typology: the shared house, that is a house with common spaces conceived as a result of warm and simple, funny and contemporary design reflections where people who will use this house for a short time will have common spaces. I

n these kind of spaces they will give life to start-ups, where they can cook together, experiment with new ergonomics uses of public space in the private space. In the location of Via Ventura, 3, in addition to experimenting with new practices of being together, it is expected to host debates, meetings, exhibitions of objects and photographs. SHARED HOUSE: CO-DIVIDUAL Architecture is the result of a collaboration between FARM CULTURAL PARK and its founder Andrea Bartoli, LAPS ARCHITECTURE by Salvator-John A. Liotta and Fabienne Louyot, A14HUB, POLITECNICO of MILAN for which the prof. Marco Imperadori.