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until Sunday April 22 2018

from 11am to 10pm
Cascina Cuccagna
via Cuccagna 2/4

Humanity in nature, nature in humanity. This is the theme of Design Week 2018 at the Cascina Cuccagna. The topic will be explored with a series of exhibitions, meetings and workshops.

Dealing with "things from nature" means using cultural tools to explore the relationship between humans and the environment, looking boldly at the stories we have invented to deny or celebrate this relationship.

The intention is to use the methodological tools of design to reconstruct the terms with which nature manifests itself outside and within human beings.

The idea or promise underlying the choice of theme is to construct a sort of secular outlook and vision in order to grasp new opportunities and perhaps to bring the urban dweller/urban nature dyad back to the forefront of a debate about creating a more serene co-existence free from a sense of guilt.