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French Deal is the culmination of a long journey driven by my passion for Hip Hop.

More than just a genre, it’s a rich artistic current affecting music, dance, fashion… Hip hop has opened up many opportunities for me, ever since my adolescence.

These two professional I begin as a hip hop dancer for the « O’Tentick » company, followed by a professional career marked by an intense routine of concert dates and music video shoots.

In 2002, thanks to much hard work, I’m able to join music label B.O.S.S (Boss Of Scandalz Strategy) as Tour Manager and collaborate with the biggest names of French rap of that time.

Experiences shape my vision of Hip Hop and just add to my existing enthusiasm for streetwear fashion.

Being a passionate collector, I regularly go to New York, the streetwear capital of the world, to find items that haven’t yet shown up in Paris. My discoveries attract attention, streetwear fans love them, are even passionate about them. My name spreads quickly in the worlds of Hip Hop and sports and I become a stylist for top names on photo shoots, TV shows and public events.

Building a bridge between the United States and France, I develop, without realizing it, the basis for the « French Deal » label.

I’m often asked where the name « French Deal » comes from.

« French » comes from the nickname « Frenchy » that my US suppliers gave me, while « Deal » derives from the urban culture expression for a purchase « make a deal » .

Encouraged by these early successes, I decide to deepen my knowledge of materials and design and express my creativity through my first collections. I envision a complete male wardrobe : bib shirt, leather jackets, fitted pants.

French Deal evolves, combining a high quality, rigorous craftsmanship with the spirit and style of streetwear. For my associates, Ian and Ousmane, and for myself, everything is in the details. The subtlety of the work, the exactness of the cut, the sourcing of materials that go into the creation of our products – nothing is left to chance. This is the vision of fashion that brings us together today.

Steeven Kodjia


Company profile
The genesis of the French Deal label is first and foremost the story of its creator, Steeven Kodjia.

Having been a professional dancer, hip hop culture holds a special place in his life. More than just a musical genre, it’s a creative style that makes him a true expert of street culture and shapes his unique conception of streetwear fashion.

Thanks to a keen eye, Steeven is able to find original pieces in New York which he then makes available in France to a circle of connoisseurs. « Frenchy », as he’s known in the US, enjoys his first breakthrough, and the groundwork is laid for the French Deal label.

In 2012, encouraged by his success, Steeven Kodjia decides to launch his first collection. Entirely made in France, it borrows from Hip Hop its great classics, enhancing them with original cuts and materials.

Acclaimed by personalities from the worlds of sports, music and fashion, French Deal grabs the attention of Ousmane Dabo and Ian Mahinmi. Attracted by Steeven Kodjia’s creativity and united by the love of hip hop culture, they soon become his partners.

The three share a common vision of fashion, their association adds an international aura to the French Deal label.

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Steeven Kodjia
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