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Angela Spieth & Michael Oehler


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About Trippen Trippen proves that fashion-consciousness and social responsibility don’t necessarily cancel one another out. On the contrary: the modern design combines highest aesthetic demands with environmental friendliness, sustainability and social competence. The designs take fashiontrends on board, but resist their throwaway nature, with shapes of lasts and sole units, as well as the types of materials used, remaining unchanged. The individual shoe styles in the different collections, which number over a thousand, are not replaced every season; rather existing models remain permanently available.

The shoes are unique in pattern technique and design. Over the years, Trippen has developed its own characteristic style of utmost plasticity and unique silhouettes far removed from traditional images. These unparalleled designs are supplemented by fashionable colour schemes.

Since the label’s beginnings in the early 1990s, Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler have remained true to the idea of designing shoes whose individual components can be exchanged and replaced. Environmental regulations and ecological production methods have direct influence on the design. High-quality workmanship and reparability result in a sustainable product, which, thanks to its modular construction, offers great variety to the consumer at the same time.

All manufacturing takes place in Trippen’s own factory in the town of Zehdenick, Brandenburg, as well as in small family businesses in Northern Italy. The frequently all-natural materials are obtained exclusively from European suppliers. The hands-on production facilities allow attention to be paid to individual customer requests and simultaneously guarantee short delivery times.

A number of international product design awards and collaborations with other fashion designers like Issey Miyake underline the success of this concept.

Trippen A. Spieth, M. Oehler GmbH
Puschkinallee 39
12435 Berlin, Germany

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