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BELGIUM / Courtai: Joanne Vanden Avenne on Modemonline

March 01 2012

Web Profile

Discover the universe of fashion designer Joanne Vanden Avenne through her Modem Web Profile: portrait, origins, images, market sales and contacts.

Joanne's collections are inspired by a symbiosis of minimalism and delightfully asymmetric volumes which also incorporate her interpretation of timeless elegance and sensuality. Uncompromised, distinctively refined luxury fabrics, comfortably cut and traditionally crafted are the embodiment of Joanne Vanden Avenne’s signature pieces. As part of her design process, she may integrate several fabrics into one garment, such as a wedding dress with crepe de chine, jersey and silk muslin. She may also apply touches of color to her fabrics, using nature elements as her inspiration. Her expression of color translates back to her passion for painting.

Her designs resonate with all dynamic women, those young and those young at heart, who wish to impress on any occasion, in an elegant and natural way.

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