Ukrainian Fashion Week present his talented designers.
by Modem – Posted February 01 2018
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from February 3 to February 8 > 55 designers, 51 shows, 7 presentations, 7 special projects, 2 lecture platforms will be presented in 6 days, The Ukrainian Fashion Week illustrates Ukrainian fashion and is will present to the world the talented Ukrainian designers.

Ukrainian Fashion Week (UFW) continues to develop collaborations with the international professional community to create new opportunities for designers and to globally promote Ukrainian fashion labels.

The UFW Organizing Committee invites journalists and photographers from world leading media companies, stylists and buyers introduce Ukrainian designers to the international fashion community.

UFW holds international business programs for the local designers with foreign mentors and involves designers to partake in a State program in export development.

"Ukrainian Fashion Week is the place where Ukrainian becomes world-wide" – says Iryna Danylevska}, the co-founder and the head of organising committee.

The strategy to promote Ukrainian fashion industry and make it a crucial part of the world culture and economy is simple, yet efficient: demanding selection of brands, new show formats, new names in the world of fashion, inviting the respected international specialists.


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Photo credit : Ukrainian Fashion Week

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