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ITALY / Milan: forte_forte unveils its first milanese boutique

July 10 2018

forte_forte unveils its first milanese boutique at number 1 of via Ponte Vetero, in the historic Brera district.

An environment which combines memory and present, travel and instrospection in a story made of materials and elements assembled following the thread of intuition.

The project, curated by Robert Vattilana and Giada Forte is an harmony that comes from avoiding pre-established schemes. Forniture and solutions mingle in a whole that incorporate signs, trace of travels echoes of shares memories.

The protagonists are the materials, harmonized in a multisensorial opus that stimulates sight as well as touch, and in which the italian-ness of the hand-made becomes an eulogy to imperfection.

The architecture and the display of the products create a link between the space and the collections; private elements collected worldwide give the story a personal signature: a drawing of a woman by Didier Mahieu, a Bitossi ceramic designed by Aldo Londi, a jar of a glass test tubes bought in a market in Los Angeles, the plaster bust of a venus coming from a french foundry, shells, corals and submarine elements underline the evanescent surreality of the atmosphere.