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The winners to show at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

March 09 2021

Tokyo is a fashion world capital.
The March 2021 edition of Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo (March 15-18, 2021) will include both digital and physical shows. Among them, the 7 winners of the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix: Meagratia, Chono, Base Mark, Kaiki, Seveskig, and Shinyakozuka will show their FW 21 collections with a video, while Balmung opts for the traditional runway show.

Takafumi Sekine was born in Ibaraki in 1982. Founded his unisex brand Meagratia in 2012. Based on the concept of "fusion of history and sense of present", the brand expresses the worldview in which the life of the flower overlaps with the culture, environment and the people. Meagratia won the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix 2019 and has been participating in Tokyo Fashion Week since 2019 SS.

Wataru Nakazono, born in Fukuoka, founded Chono in 2014. He won the 2018 Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix and will be participating in the Rakuten Tokyo FW2021 for the first time. Each garment of Nakazono collection includes a brand-specific "Descriptive Label" that indicates the people involved in the creation of the garment to convey the importance of Japanese craftsmanship.

The designer Shiho Kaneki, born in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa in 1982, launched Base Mark in New York in 2014. She won an award of "Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix Professional Category" in 2019. The designer creates tailored garments, mixing different materials and taking inspiration from Japanese culture and tradition.

Kaiki Iio founded the brand Kaiki in 2016. She takes inspiration in the relationship with her surroundings proposing a style based on the concept of "mixing tension in relaxation".

Takanori Nagano launched his label Seveskig in 2012 and participated in Pitti Uomo in Florence in 2014. In 2018, Takanori won the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix. The Seveskig brand specializes in leather products, and each garment features unique hand-sewn pieces.

Hinya Kozuka established his brand in 2015 and was awarded the Tokyo New designer Fashion Grand Prix in 2018. His collections, feature a minimal and understated style with an emphasis on superior quality and functionality.

Hachi born in February 1985 in Fukuoka, started his unisex brand Balmung in 2007. In 2018, he was awarded the Tokyo Governor's Award at the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix. In 2020, he participated in Tokyo Fashion Week for the first time.

Show schedule
March 15 : 11am Shinyakozuka - 5pm Seveskig
March 16 : 2pm Kaiki - 8pm Base Mark
March 17 : 1pm Balmung - 3pm Chono - 9pm Meagratia

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Texts by Anna Rita Russo@modemonline