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Anti-Do-To, the activist brand in support of social projects

April 22 2021

Anti-Do-To is an activist brand, born in 2020, that addresses the issues of our times and acts to solve them. Its mission is to inspire change through some actions: products, social projects, and content to give voice to unheard stories and create awareness about these topics; in addition to building a movement of changemakers that actively contribute to creating a better future.

The brand donates 50% of the net profits of their products to fund, manage and bring to life social projects, focusing on four causes that are at the core of Anti-Do-To: wellbeing, inclusion, community, and the planet. The brand works in collaboration with the community, activists, non-profit organizations, and other businesses to select social projects to take action on the most pressing today’s issues. The first social impact project is the construction of a skatepark in the port of Gaza, with the object to create, through the passion for a naturally inclusive culture such as skate, a safe place dedicated to young people “who can discover a new sense of community and express themselves freely”.

Anti-Do-To immediately guarantees the funds needed to kick off the project: “We invest first, then, our community invests into our social projects by purchasing our products and we recover what we have invested through 50% of the net profits from the sales. This way, anyone who buys one of our products already knows to which project they are contributing.

Anti-Do-To collection features an essential, functional, and versatile wardrobe, designed to last over time, adapted to all types of lifestyles, seasons, occasions, and gender. Each piece is made from raw materials from sustainable sources, such as Gots certified organic cotton, recycled nylon, Eco-cash five (a special blend made of recycled wool, recycled polyamide, Cly Tencel™, recycled cashmere), or cotton and nylon leftovers, which are pre-consumer production waste. The packaging is made of 100% Fsc-certified recycled paper, in fact, the brand uses compostable corn starch plastic-free bags, which are not sent to the end consumer and are carefully reused until a replacement is required. The collection is entirely Made in Italy, mainly in the Veneto region, created by small, independent, family-run suppliers.

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