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LuisaViaRoma launches a new media platform

May 17 2021

LuisaViaRoma has announced a launch of the Lvr magazine in September with the objective to strengthen its presence in the US and investing in digital editorial contents. The project will be led by Kate Davidson Hudson, former editor-in-chief, creative director and co-founder of the digital platform, EditorialistYX, who will create a revolutionary, modern media platform, creating fully personalized experiences for each and every reader.

Kate Davidson Hudson comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in integrating personalized technology with razor sharp editorial content,” said Andrea Panconesi, chief executive of LuisaViaRoma. “We could not think of a better person to lend their cultivated eye, editorial experience and digital acumen to aid in our US expansion than Kate.”

Davidson Hudson joins the team with over 15 years of experience in senior editorial roles at Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazines, with a strong expertise in creating high-end curated, digital content and was a pioneer in fusing the gap between editorial and e-commerce.

Since the early 1930’s LuisaViaRoma has been at the forefront of celebrating and supporting emerging rands and directional fashions,” said Kate Davidson Hudson, Lvr magazine’s editor-in- chief.I am thrilled to have the opportunity to channel the plurality of the brand’s enduring vision through an editorial platform that celebrates the same diversity of voices, tastes, and values that have informed LuisaViaRoma for the last near century. LVR Magazine will further amplify fashion as a form of entertainment and escapism through purpose- driven storytelling, exclusive brand collaborations and discovery. LVR Magazine will feature digital innovations that are personalized to each reader.

Lvr magazine is an editorial platform that offers its readers not only products available on the commerce site but several experiential contents. In addition, readers of the new platform will have the added value of a 24-hour private styling team and all editorial will be amplified and available for purchase, through LuisaViaRoma’s website and social channels; optimizing as an experiential layer at every digital touchpoint throughout the media, across all platforms for the consumer.

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