A natural Partnership: Modem & Sustainable Brand Platform.
by Modem – Posted August 05 2022
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Paris, 05/08/2022

Our interests correspond to those of the brands and the designers who continue to consistently conceive new aesthetic forms, aware that consistency is measured also on the imperative of lasting, durable development.

These interests are in tune with those of an increasingly important part of the general public that, like us, requires transparency, integrity, and consistency.

Introducing the traceability criteria for collections is the essential goal for affirming a brand's sense of social responsibility. It is also the key to the evolution of their future economy. For this reason, Sustainable Brand Platform (SBP) is Modem's natural partner.

The experience and knowledge in question that SBP has acquired, the performing tools they have developed, and the seriousness and relevance of their evaluations, are all factors that give the Sustainable Brand Platform authority on the subject.

Their presence at our side will allow Modem to involve itself in a functional way also regarding the needs and objectives all the brands have on this primordial matter: brands with which we have a working relationship now and with which we will have one in the future.

Ezio Barbaro
Modem & Modemonline Publisher

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