Last days of Milan Sales Campaigns SS25. Focus on five Brands.
by Modem – Posted June 25 2024
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In this article, we published the Modem partner brands that are closing in a few days the sales campaigns of Pre25 and Men's SS25 collections in Milan: Y-3 / Marsèll / Avant Toi / Done ! @ The Parlor Showroom & ma' ry' ya.

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[green]JUNE 14 - JULY 14, 2024[/green] @ via Privata Rezia 4 - 20135
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> Contact: Luca De Regibus - e-mail +39 (0) 2 54 10 78 85
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Y-3 brings sports to the street. Fueled by the innovations of Adidas and expressed in the style of Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3 creates progressive apparel, footwear, and accessories, a vision driven by both the sports icon and the renowned designer. Founded in 2002, Y-3 established the category of fashion sportswear, one that it continues to redefine. Y-3’s signature style combines engineered garments and intensive performance with Yamamoto’s singular elegance and strong tailoring. The result is a modern uniform of the streets, designed in Japanese and German ateliers and intended for the world.

[green]JUNE 14 - JULY 12, 2024[/green] @ via Paullo 12/A - 20135
> Sales Department- e-mail +39 02 76 39 49 20
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For over 20 years, Marsèll has combined innovation and craftsmanship in creating products of excellence. Marsèll’s leather footwear and accessories are handmade in Italy and are the result of a constant search for a balance between design and craftsmanship. Each Marsèll product features a genderless sophisticated and essential aesthetic. The use of traditional techniques makes each product unique, reflecting the personality of the person wearing it. Marsèll goes beyond the idea of a traditional brand, establishing itself as a contemporary project dedicated to the study and exploration of form in all its semantic interpretations.

[green]JUNE 15 - JULY 26, 2024[/green] @ via Carlo Botta 8- 20135
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Avant Toi was founded in 1994 within the Liapull group by the creative endeavor of Mirko Ghignone. A pioneer in cashmere evolution, he excels in technical experimentation and above all in the absolute innovation of coloring, revolutionizing the world of piece dying. Central to this process is the introduction of air-brush coloring that empowers each piece with authenticity and a unique, unrepeatable character. Through infinite combinations of shades and hues, each creation recounts its own particular story.

[green]JUNE 15 - JULY 15, 2024[/green] @ The Parlor Showroom
via Pietro Colletta 69 - 20137 > Sales Department- e-mail
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Done! is the manifestation of a vision that combines style, functionality, and aesthetics, creating a distinctive lifestyle thanks to innovative and functional products that integrate perfectly into everyone's daily needs. Done! is more than just a backpack; it's a partner, a reliable companion, and a vessel for life. Moreover, it is 100% sustainable, with a commitment to Save The Planet embedded in Done!'s Dna.

[green]JUNE 17- JULY 15, 2024[/green] @ via Amatore Sciesa 24/A - 20135
> Contact: Maria Icho - e-mail +39 335 806 55 76
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The concept of ma' ry' ya is simple elegance, natural, essential daily life, easy to take anywhere with elegance and practicality for the job. The materials used are cashmere, silk, cashmere blend silk, organic cotton, cotton blend silk, organic wool, and linen blend silk because Maria believes that the excellent quality of materials can give the collection the ultimate luxury.