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until Sunday April 13 2014

dalle 10 alle 22
Chiostri dell'Umanitaria
via Francesco Daverio 7
20122 Milan

Massimo Mutti
T : +39 0362 34 45 87

Cristina Negri
T : +39 345 37 41 892

During the International Design Week (8th/13th April 2014), Paola Lenti will present the 2014 collection at Chiostri della Società Umanitaria - Via Daverio, 7 Milan.
This year Paola Lenti celebrates its 20th anniversary of business activities, confirming once again its personal vision of outdoor living, focused on a philosophy of functional and elegant, simple and long lasting furniture.
The daily work of Paola Lenti Company is the result of thoughts transferred into ideas, which are then transformed into reality, through the geometry of pure shapes, binding tradition to modernity, lightness to precision, beauty to functionality; abiding in surroundings that create a unique view, towards a horizon without boundaries.