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until Sunday April 13 2014

Padiglione Visconti
via Tortona 58
20144 Milan

General enquires
Matei Luana

Tokyo Designers Week (TDW), organized by NPO Design Association (Japan) will connect with more than 60 Design Weeks in the world, starting from this year’s exhibition in Milan.
Under the theme of “Tokyo Imagine”, this exhibition will be comprised of various contents expressing Tokyo, a place where both the contemporary city and Edo culture co-exist. At the exhibition, we welcome you with sushi, a dish that represents Japanese culture, and dashi, which is the essential base for Japanese cuisine.
The contents include “Oh! Furoshiki Exhibition”, “Ito Jakuchu Inspired Exhibition”, “Things for Japanese Food”, presenting behind the scenes of the Japanese outstanding food culture, “Tokyo Creative" Exhibition by Japanese companies. “Tokyo Creators" Exhibition by professional designers and “Sushi Power Party”. This exhibition will also be displayed at Tent London in September and Design Miami in December 2014.

Creative Director:Kenji KAWASAKI
Executive Committee:Toshiyuki KITA, Shigeru SATO
Art Director:Katsumi ASABA
Show Designer:Kimi HASEGAWA
Main Visual - Art Director:ASAMI KIYOKAWA, Model:Rina OHTA , Emblem Design:Leon HENKI(Airside Nippon)
Organizer:Design Association NPO

- This project is subsidized by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Localization & Promotion of Japanese Visual Media Department (J-LOP).

Press Preview & Cocktail: April 7 from 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm
Cocktail: April 8 from 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm