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until Sunday April 13 2014

Everyday from 10.00 am - April 8 until 7.00 pm - April 9 and 12 until 9.00 pm - April 10 until 10.00 pm - April 11 until 12.00 am - April 13 until 4.00 pm
La Pelota
via Palermo 10
20121 Milan

General enquires
Ida Gustafsson
T : +46 70 638 53 86

In collaboration with the Stockholm and Venice based designer Luca Nichetto, Kinnarps has designed an exhibition based on five concepts that promote creativity.
‘What I need in my ideal workspace’ is condensed in this project, a space where the user constantly finds himself in front of a new juncture, which, by its own nature, imposes a choice and, above all, it changes the perspective. Similar to what happens in Venice during the high water (acqua alta): where you need to change your usual routes and the obstructed alleys force you to find new ways", says Luca Nichetto.

Press Preview: April 8 from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm