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until Sunday April 13 2014

from 9.00 am to 12.00 am
via San Raffaele 3
20121 Milan

General enquires
Silvia Fondrieschi
T : +39 02 80 50 81

The installation by Daniele Innamorato in the hall at the HOTEL STRAF is part of a series that the artist has provokingly called “Stupid Artists Combine Things” , in reference to a trend set within the world of contemporary art, beginning with Marcel Duchamp’s avant-guardie, followed by Robert Rauschemberg, through to Bruno Munari’s “useful machines”, the name having been inspired, by the relative linguistic register and with the intent of self-irony, up until the post-modern drift, all is possible in any place, time and semantic space.

Open party: April 11 from 7.00 pm dj-set by Daniele Innamorato, Federica Perazzoli and Jacopo Bedussi