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until Sunday April 13 2014

Circolo Filologico Milanese
T : +39 02
via Clerici 10
20121 Milan

Lexus Design Amazing is a special exhibition from world-renowned designers at Milan Design Week 2014. This year Lexus will unveil three new works from renowned global designers. Challenged to express the Lexus theme “Amazing in Motion” in a way completely new to their creative process, each designer has created a unique response that goes beyond the field of automobiles.
Fabio Novembre presents "Life as a dance". ”Employing technology to express the movement of this dance represents the dawn of life and draws a direct connection to the cosmic motion of planets and galaxies.”
Nao Tamura presents : “Interconnection” relies on natural motion as it explores mankind’s interdependent relationship with nature.
“Transform” by Mit Media Lab, Tangible Media Group led by Prof. Hiroshi Ishii, represents a fusion between technology and design that aims to inspire viewers with its transformations from still furniture to dynamic machine.
+ “How to apply curiosity?”: Lexus Design Award