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until Sunday April 09 2017

from 11am to 9pm ​
Cascina Cuccagna
via Cuccagna 2-4

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Capitalism is over is an exhibition by Raumplan and Cascina Cuccagna for Milan Design Week 2017,

Capitalism is over creates a fictitious scenario aiming to bypass the opposed ideological positions and to raise a few questions about the world of production and the role of the designer in it. The exhibition represents a fictional framework for investigating potentials and weaknesses of product design in a time of epoch-making social and economic changes.

But it used to be so cool
The section is dedicated to an historical phase that represents the exact opposite of today’s economic situation. The retrospective puts its focus on a company, Olivetti featuring photographs taken by Louis De Belle at Olivetti’s headquarters and Archivio in Ivrea, the section tells of the golden period of Olivetti but also of its forthcoming vicissitudes dealing with the advent of digital electronics and the exhaustion of post-war boom.

Bigger Faster Cheaper
The section analyses the contemporary context and the issues raised by a marketplace extremely polarized between sector-specific niches and production/distribution giants that monopolize the sales thanks to increasingly low prices and huge financial profits.

New times New rules
In a design market dominated by manufacturing and distribution giants, the role of small and medium-size entrepreneurs as catalysts of talents and ideas is marginalized because of the need to minimise the risks while facing not encouraging sales’ data. At the same time, the possibility of independent production and autonomous distribution is opening up new horizons for designers, and new business models start questioning the traditional paradigms of industrial capitalism.