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until Sunday April 14 2019

from 10am to10pm
Zeus Design Store San Gottardo 21/9

Manufacto by ZEUS

Zeus will present 2019 great novelties design Maurizio Peregalli. Theme of the 2019 edition will be MANUFACTO, underlining the value of the combination between design and craftsmanship. ZEUS restates its 35-years minimalistic design history with an international overview, embracing all participants of the constantly evolving project.

ZEUS Design Collection - TEXTURAE Contemporary wallpapers - NEO Hand-woven Neoprene - KARPETA Handmade rugs of contemporary design - DIX HEURES DIX Decorative lighting - COVO Uncommon things
We will also host the photo exhibition GARDEN MEMOS by Alizia Lottero, part of the project DESIGN+SENSIBILE, a serie of events which will take place in the city of Mlano.

Cocktail every day from 6pm