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until Sunday April 14 2019

via Ferrante Aporti 23

Press Contact
Nadia Besseghini
T : +41 43 210 33 04

Zurich-based bag manufacturer FREITAG and artist Georg Lendorff are inviting all Milan Design Week sophisticates to come along to UNFLUENCER at Ventura Centrale in via Ferrante Aporti 23, where they can admit to their design and consumption transgres- sions and launch a new discussion about good and bad design in the 21st century.

FREITAG intends to change all that and has teamed up with artist Georg Lendorff to stimulate good discus- sions about lousy design and other crimes. They're receiving support in this venture from the scenographers at Ortreport.

At the (spatial) center of «UNFLUENCER – De-sinning the Designer» is Lendorff's immersive, walk-in video and light installation. Projections onto thousands of threads hanging from the ceiling cause visitors' and observers' sense of space and time to dissolve and are a refuge for a brief but contemplative respite from the four-day hustle and bustle in Milan, freed of all external influences.
In the midst of all this, visitors to the installation can admit their design and consumer sins, either alone and anonymously or in a confidential dialog. And for ques- tions regarding what constitutes bad – and hence con- fession-worthy – design and consumer habits, the «FREITAG Cyclist Manifesto» provides some useful guidelines.

Press preview - April 8 from 3pm to 7pm