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until Sunday April 14 2019

from 10am to 9pm
Galleria Manzoni
via Manzoni 40/42

Proudly showing the signs of its age, in the hands of Agapecasa and Stellar Works, this exquisite architectural complex designed by Alziro Bergonzo in the late 1940s, becomes an exploration into the notion of theatre as a place to see and be seen, where roles of “spectator” and “performer” can often be blurred.

Camilla Benedini is the art director of the Agapecasa installation that narrates Angelo Mangiarotti's prolific work by through a journey in five acts, where each stage is dedicated to a unique and timeless object of the Mangiarotti Collection. Each of the spaces, mediated by Matteo Brioni's natural materials, elaborate on the work of the Milanese Maestro through objects, sketches and words printed on curtains like the script of a play.

Neri&Hu conceives the installation for Stellar Works as a collage of multiple small theaters arranged in a sequential journey. In “The Montage”, each theater has a unique orientation and color with stepped levels upon which furniture is displayed. The coveted objects “perform” for visitors, but at the same time, visitors may also find themselves in the spotlight, as various framed openings allow curated views.