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until Sunday April 14 2019

6/13 April from 1am to 8pm / 14 April from 10am to 6.30pm
Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci
Railway Pavilion
via San Vittore 21

RO PLASTIC-MASTER’S PIECES calling artists to reuse and reinvent plastic waste.

During the Milan Design Week 2019 gallerist Rossana Orlandi will award the winners of the Ro Plastic Prize, a prize she established in the footsteps of the previous Guiltless Plastic, to encourage a more conscious use of the material. Open to everybody without age limits, the prize is divided into four categories: Home Textiles, Packaging Solutions, Design and Conscious Innovation Projects.

Parallel to the contest event, Rossana Orlandi is presenting an exposition of unique pieces made from recycled plastic. Called “Ro Plastic-Master’s Pieces”.

“I have received over 300 entries from all corners of the world – Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Canada and China, besides Europe. It’s a nice surprise. I think we need to stop thinking of climate change as a problem of the future. We need to solve it in the present. We have taken up arms to fight a creative, generational battle. Plastic in itself is not to blame; it can become a resource full of possibilities and potential. The real problem is wrong usage. With this contest, I’d like to stimulate and incentivise young people, but not only them, to concentrate on the immense possibilities of recycled plastic. It is an invitation to study, really study, and apply yourself. We want to instigate a return to Nature.”

Ro Plastic Prize April 10