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until Sunday April 14 2019

from 10.30am to 12.30am
Area Bovisa-Dergano-Lancetti

La Repubblica del Design: Bovisa-Dergano-Lancetti the only district that begins and does not end with the design week

Milan Design Week 2019 marks the birth of the "Repubblica del Design", which is located in the districts of Bovisa/Dergano/Lancetti and includes "consulates" in other places in Milan that recognize themselves in the spirit of the Republic.

Conceived and coordinated by Davide Crippa and ADA (Associazione Designer Anonimi) organized by Ghigos, IDEAS BitFactory and the association Repubblica del Design with the patronage of the City of Milan with the participation of Enea

Inauguration - April 10 from 2.30pm
Event - April 10 from 8pm @ Bocciofila - via Candiani 26