May 2020

May 21 2020
fashion art news

Sustainable Thinking at Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

International artists and fashion designers expose their works giving their perspective on recycling and rethinking a way of connection between men, manufacturing and nature to be translated in a tangible productivity.

May 19 2020
fashion news

Open Letter to the Fashion Industry

The aim is to change the global Fashion Industry and turn it into a more sustainable and affordable system in order to simplify our business and get closer to customer’s needs as well as being more aligned with a social and eco-friendly vision.

May 18 2020
design news

"Wawe" a new Optical illusion in Seoul

D'strict company has created an impressive optical illusion in the area of Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea.

May 17 2020
fashion news

The 37 selected designers, who will benefit of BFC Foundation Fashion Fund

The grant is taken by the emergency fund amount to £ 1.000,000 and a part of it will be split to young students, in order to encourage the creativity of the future generation.

May 11 2020
fashion news

How will the fashion industry develop in the near future?

The Institute of Positive Fashion's (IPF) Global Initiative Map which shows how a eco-friendly and community approach could bring positive ideas and initiatives to the Fashion field.

May 07 2020
design news

VYZR technologies + Yrúrarí + Plastique Fantastique

The expansion of covid-19 continues to grow, prompting authorities to maintain containment in all four corners of the globe.We have selected three highly original innovations that will surprise many.

May 06 2020
fashion news

Faliero Sarti: the MonniFacemask project is born

Masks made by cutting out scarves from the collection, each article becomes unique and unrepeatable

May 05 2020
fashion news

LuisaViaRoma invests in gaming with MOD4

LuisaViaRoma announces a new business venture by introducing a new gaming app: MOD4.

April 08 2020
fashion news

Ontimeshow 2020 AW Open the doors Sunday April 26th

Ontimeshow’s 12th season, 2020AW, will be held twice at TX Huaihai | Youth Energy Center. From 8th to15th April, it will be a private order fair, while the main exhibition will take place from 26th to 30th April.

April 04 2020
fashion news

Click on image to see live shows

#stayhomeinfashion Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is taking place online this weekend.

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