July 2020

July 06 2020
fashion news

Man / Woman Show

The MAN / WOMAN Fashion Trade Show to launch on July 9, 2020 a new digital platform dedicated to recreate online the community of professionals.

June 22 2020
fashion news

Unveiling the unexpected

Fashion, design, sustainability and technology brought together by Frankfurt Fashion Week.

June 18 2020
fashion news

The PREMIUM + SEEK Passport

The PREMIUM + SEEK Passport digital event must take place from July 14 to October 2020.

June 10 2020
fashion news

Orange Fiber

Where do the orange peels end once we eat or drink the fruit? Orange Fiber could answer: on clothes.

June 05 2020
fashion news

Pitti Immagine postponed the physical fairs to January 2021

All the energy now goes to the Pitti Connect digital platform open to all exhibitors and buyers from early July and throughout the whole summer.

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